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About Reclaimed Wood


Knots,  Nail holes, and a story to tell.  The beautiful thing about reclaimed wood furniture is that it has taken years to develop these unique characteristics.  And with each use you will continue to create its future story.  It isn’t just a table or a bench,  these are conversation pieces, they are a place to create memories.

Large or small, Dining or accent, fixed or extending,  we carry a large selection of reclaimed wood tables.  Whether it is a dinner for 12 or a place to rest your feet when you are watching a movie, you will find something that will help make your experience enjoyable.  We have tables in all different sizes, styles, and stains to fit right in with your current décor.

We also carry a large selection of reclaimed wood bedroom furniture and accent pieces.  From beds and dressers to night stands and trunks.  There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to get the warmth and beauty that reclaimed wood can bring to any room in the bed room. 

The majority of our reclaimed wood furniture is F.S.C. Certified. This wood can be made from many different species of wood, Pine, Oak, Acacia, Pearwood, Mango Wood, Teak etc…

Modern and traditional designs lend to this products success in any décor, and with all its natural imperfections. One thing is certain — this product will be in your family for years to come!


About Live Edge & Straight Edge

Whether it is a small get together or a holiday dinner with the family, you want to make sure you have a piece that can keep everyone together. Our unique selection of dining tables are sure to offer the perfect look, if its a more rustic look with our Live Edge tables, or a sleek modern look with our Straight Edge tables.

Live Edge

A style of furniture where the furniture designer or craftsperson incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. It’s easier to identify furniture made from live edge wood than to understand what live edge means.  When you look at custom live edge furniture, you probably can imagine if not see the profile of the tree that yielded the wood for the piece.  If you examine the edges of the wood slabs, the rough, thick texture of the tree’s surface is still visible. Live edge tables can be made out of many different solid woods that are strong and durable and will hold up over the years for a practical and stylish look. 

Straight Edge

 A more common style of furniture where the edges of the wood table are cut straight on 90 degree corners for a more sleek look. What makes straight edge just as unique as the live edge tables is that their are so many different types of solid woods to make up a straight edge dining table, could be solid Pine, Solid Walnut, and Solid Birch plus many more types of wood. Straight edge tables have smooth lines and a solid surface which are durable and last for a long time with a great look.


 About Wicker

The Basic Material

The use of rattan in home furnishings is not new. It dates back to the 1700’s in Asia and the Philippines where rattan was used to craft many household articles. Canadian’s love affair with wicker and rattan began back in the 1920’s when practically everyone longed for a porch full of white wicker furniture. In the ‘50’s and ‘60’s much of the wicker and rattan on the market was cheaply made and was strictly a type of furniture used in the patio. Today, innovative, well-made designs and combinations of wood, metal and leather with the rattan make an attractive option in livings rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and family rooms. Wicker and rattan are definitely back for an encore as consumers again delight in their casual and comfortable appeal.



Rattan is a vine that grows in the mountain regions of Southeast Asia and the Philippines where rainfall averages 80 inches annually. It grows in tangles, horizontally, like ivy, but is a solid timber, not hollow like bamboo. Rattan is pliable and easily bent and carved (with the aid of steam ovens) to form many shapes and frames, although highly flexible, it is one of the strongest timbers available. Although rattan is as strong as a wood for furniture making, it is much lighter in weight and will withstand tough, daily usage.



Harvesting the rattan takes place when the vine is 6 to 15 years old. At this point, stems can be as long as 600 feet and a growth path through every part of the jungle. Harvesting is done completely by hand since the jungle terrain will not permit use of vehicles or other machinery. As the vines are removed, they are cut into 18 and 20 foot lengths; the stems are stripped of thorns then washed and dried in the open sunlight. Next the stems are tied into bundles and usually 50 poles are carried on the backs of the workers sometimes several miles to the furniture factories.



When the poles arrive at the furniture factory, typically just an open-sided hut, they are fumigated to remove insects (in Indonesia the poles are “deep-fried” in coconut oil which drives away all insects, as well as moisture) and then stood on end in teepee style to dry. The cured poles are then sorted into uniform size and sand graded according to quality and color. Next, the tough outer skin is carefully peeled away. This skin becomes peel cane which is used to bind the joints of the furniture frame. Peel cane, an extremely tough material, is also woven to make cane seats and backs in addition to other uses. Next, the stripped poles are sanded and cut into appropriate lengths needed for frame parts.



There are two ways the poles are bent to produce the frame: Steam ovens and molds: poles are steamed in a drum which makes them temporarily flexible enough to form into a furniture part. When cool, the poles retain the shape. The advantage is that it is accurate and economical for huge quantities of poles. The disadvantage is that it requires much team work. Blow torch: poles are heated with a blow torch to make them pliable. The advantage is that this skill can be done by an individual worker, but it is not as accurate as the oven method.

Either of these methods are used in combination with a handmade jig around which other poles are shaped. This jig, a sort of mold that is handmade and crude in appearance is actually two precise measurements. Using either steam oven or blow torch to make the poles pliable, the worker molds the pole to the jig. The formed parts are then joined to make a piece of furniture using screws and glue.



The next step, weaving or binding, is usually done by hand by one person who takes the piece of furniture from frame to furnish. However, sometimes two or three people specialize in one step of the process.



Natural finish: this is a clear lacquer used on rattan that still has its bark. For a more refined finish, the lacquer is applied to rattan that has been scraped. Stained finish: like wood furniture, rattan is most often given finish using stain. With some pieces, the stain is applied after framing and assembly, but with some sophisticated pieces, each component is individually stained and then assembled.

Three types of stain are used:

  • Water base stain: because it is the most economical but not conclusively refined finish, this stain is used more for wicker.
  • Oil based stain: superior to water based stain, but will cause tearing if applied to rattan poles unevenly. Alcohol based stain: the most superior stain for rattan. The characteristics of the stain allow the grain of the poles to show through.
  • Painted finish: white is a favourite colour for rattan, although many pieces are now showing up in pastels and even black.


Care of Wicker

Rattan is one of the most maintenance free furniture materials you’ll find. To keep it looking its best and to protect the finish, wipe occasionally with a damp cloth. You can also use a soft brush or brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to clean dust that can accumulate.


Determining Quality

Because wicker and rattan furniture have a history of inconsistencies in quality, a store owner as well as his consumer must be able to tell quality workmanship from shoddy workmanship.

  • The finish on the piece should be smooth and consistent without streaks and bubbles. Because of the different absorption of rattan poles, colour may be slightly different from pole to pole. This is not an imperfection, but part of the beauty of rattan.
  • Run your hand over the frame to check for rough edges that may snag clothes and pantyhose. Of course, the finish cannot be as sleek as the finish on a piece of wood furniture, but should be relatively smooth.
  • Joints should be secure and nailed or screwed into place. Look for joints wrapped with peel core or stripes of leather.

 All-weather wicker

All-weather wicker is manufactured predominantly for use in outdoor patio furniture. It is meant to look like natural wicker, but is made of a synthetic material, generally polyethylene, a food grade plastic that only requires minimal maintenance and is extremely durable.

Unknown to many, wicker is not actually a material, but a method of weaving. The word is said to be derived from the Scandinavian word “wika” which means “To bend.” Traditionally, natural plant materials were used to manufacture a variety of different products including baskets, trays, indoor and outdoor furniture. Wicker was originally made from natural fibers, such as rattan, a material gained from the so called rotan tree, a vine like plant. The term rattan is sometimes used interchangeably with wicker, but in fact depicts the fibre used to create the wicker work. Rattan is very elastic and therefore greatly apt to produce baskets, hampers and chairs. The branch like material is woven for the purpose of constructing a sturdy but elastic product, wicker. The end result are those comfortable deep seating wicker chairs that we all know from our parents or grandparents. The elements gradually break down the color and make the wicker brittle. The fibres lose their elasticity and eventually break and the product ceases its use. Nowadays, most natural wicker products are used indoors, e.g. as furniture in a sun room or solarium.

Resin wicker is a very similar looking material. However, it is not subject to the impact of the elements. Synthetic polyethylene fibres resin wicker is durable, resistant against the sun’s UV radiation as well as against humidity and water. The color is added in the production process and forms part of the fibre, thereby maintaining the desired visual appeal of the product it is used for. Resin wicker is very elastic and sturdy, providing for great stability and seating comfort, those exact features that we like traditional wicker for. Furthermore, resin wicker requires much less maintenance. It is very easy to clean; it can simply be hosed down. It also does not require to be re-painted, as its colors barely fade over time. Due to these features, resin wicker has become extremely popular for outdoor products such as patio furniture.

Resin wicker is generally used over an aluminum frame to create light weight outdoor furniture. This type of furniture benefits from the advantages of resin wicker. Often described as all-weather resin wicker, it withstands the forces of the elements. Be it in very hot and humid climates or through cold winters, it has become the material of choice for swimming pool lounges, patio dining sets, outdoor sofas and terrace bistro type settings. Especially with the newer modern designs, resin wicker furniture is the new trend in the entertainment industry, i.e. patio parties, outdoor dining and lounging.


About Aluminum, Steel & Wrought Iron

Whether it is a sleek, stylish downtown appeal, you are going for. Or a traditional set with all the design elements you remember. We have a large selection of Aluminum, steel and wrought iron furniture to make your space somewhere to eat, relax, and enjoy. 

Powder Coated Aluminum

Powder coating is a high-quality finish and, durable finish allowing for maximized production, improved efficiencies, and simplified environmental compliance.

Powder coated products are more resistant to diminished coating quality as a result of impact, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other extreme weather conditions.

In turn, this reduces the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues. 

It's tough. It looks great. And it lasts a long, long time.  In addition to being durable, powder coating is an attractive choice due to environmental advantages.


All stainless steels have a high resistance to corrosion. Some grades will resist scaling and maintain high strength and exceptional toughness to various temperatures. The cold work hardening properties of many stainless steels can be used in design to reduce material thicknesses, and easy to clean the surface. 

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is extremely durable and very difficult to break. Wrought iron is heavy, it won’t blow away in the wind or easily tip over. There is no rusting or corrosion, and minimal maintenance. 


About Our Sling 

Sling comes in many different patterns and colour options that will make your patio pop in your space when using our sling furniture for dining sets and sling deep seating collections.

How to maintain stains and mildew promptly. Use warm water with a mixture of strong liquid detergent and chlorine bleach (one cup to three gallons of water). Always rinse thoroughly. Pat to remove excess water and allow to air dry.


Our luxurious sling collections add relaxed elegance to any patio, pool or fireside. Sling offers support, comfort and lasts a long time. Many of our slings are double layered and uses support rails to shape and stretch the sling. This allows the sling to conform to the body and eliminates a rigid surface. This creates pressure points and creates an individual comfort experience. Slings are very durable and and have very strong seams.

Sensation Sling

What makes sensation sling different and unique is the incomparable comfort of the sling. Sensation Sling combines the strength and UV stability of PVC fibers with the comfort and outstanding memory of elastic yarns and the double layered contoured sling for a comfortable experience.   

About Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella is founded on the belief that fabrics should be both beautiful and functional. We began in the 1960s with the challenge of creating an awning canvas with a substantially longer lifespan than cotton. Sunbrella has become widely adopted for shade structures, marine canvas and upholstery fabric for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Our textiles are made with close attention to design detail, and engineered with robust performance characteristics that provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure. The fabric is tactile yet durable, has industry-leading environmental characteristics, is easy to care for and offers long life – wherever it’s used.

Each yard of Sunbrella performance fabric is a product of a global support team committed to producing only the most exceptional performance textiles you can buy.

Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured in facilities around the globe. Our main manufacturing location is a one million square foot facility in South Carolina, USA. This Anderson, South Carolina plant features a completely vertical ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturing operation, R&D center and testing lab. This facility established the blueprint for our plants in Lille, France and Suzhou, China, manufacturing locations that enable us to best serve our customers in those regions. Sunbrella is always manufactured to the same standards and is delivered when you need it, anywhere in the world.


 About Our Leather

Whether you are looking for that old weathered cigar chair or a super durable sofa and sectional for your busy family, leather furniture is the perfect fit. We have a wide variety of leather colors to choose from, and have everything from full grain, top grain to aniline leathers. You are sure to find the perfect leather furniture piece for your home.

Full Grain Leathers

Come from a better quality hide or skin and no sanding processes are applied to its surface. Full Grain leathers offer a natural look and feel and are treated by transparent aniline dyes. The grain remains allowing the fiber strength and durability.

Top Grain Leather

These leathers go through considerable processing of sanding, buffing, stamping and then dyeing. The purpose of this processing is to create a uniform look that removes insect bites, barbed-wire scratches and other environmental markings that might appear on the hide.

Aniline Leathers

Display the natural characteristics and markings of the very purest quality hides and are searching for the softest leather generally seek out Pure Aniline Grains.


About Our Cushions

Our Cushions are custom made in house, and come with warranty that we service. Our cushions are made with EZ Dry foam and wrapped with dacron. Fading?? Mold and Mildew?? Not with the outdoor fabric we offer! There are hundreds of indoor and outdoor fabrics to choose from! We carry the best outdoor fabric available. With our 5 year warranty and lots of colors and patterns to choose from you are sure to find something that will be just perfect to go with your new outdoor living space. 


Understanding Down Fill/Feather Upholstery

With your interest in a down filled product, we want to make sure you are fully educated on what you are purchasing. While down fill is the most comfortable form of seating, it is important to understand that there is some maintenance involved to ensure that the appearance and comfort continue to last as long as you own this piece of furniture.

The majority of down filled sofas are meant to have that lived in “cozy” look. This is completely normal. The back cushions will slightly sag and the fabric on the cushions will look slightly wrinkled. This is because unlike polyester filled cushions and solid foam seats, the down fill has a tendency to flatten and bunch together. This can be resolved by fluffing the cushions on a regular basis. This allows air to re-enter the down and keep it looking “cozy” and makes sure that the down doesn’t bunch over time.


 About Our Stone Table Tops


Granite Table Maintenance: Granite is a dense, coarse-grained stone and one of the hardest materials on earth. Its luster, hardness, colors and variations are all indications of the stone’s mineral composition and origin. Most have pits or fissures that are inherent to the stone and are part of its rich natural texture and beauty.

General Facts About Granite: 
• The granite table top can only be scratched by another piece of granite or by a diamond when properly sealed and maintained.
• The granite table top is completely heat resistant and can withstand temperatures upwards of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
• To prevent staining and scratches, use a granite sealer as per the MFG recommendations. Be sure to wipe up spills immediately. When the granite is wet, it may appear darker.
• The pits and fissures are random pronounced markings common to some stones and cannot be removed during fabrication.

Maintaining the Granite: Upon Receiving your new granite table you will want to seal it with a granite sealer found at your local hardware store. It is recommended that it be sealed at the beginning and end of the season thereafter. 

  • Use a mild soap and water or a professional natural stone cleaner for daily use.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • To ensure the beauty of your granite table top, it should be sealed twice a year. 

Faux Stone

Our faux stone table tops are man-made composite lightweight stone, which are designed to residential or commercial use. The pattern surface offers a very elegant and sophisticated design that will create an inviting area for your space.

Faux surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis with mild soap and water and a sponge or soft cloth. Follow with a rinse of clean water. If necessary, use a mild abrasive cleaner to release any embedded dirt. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Werzalit table tops are composed of wood, resins and melamine shaped under high pressure processing to produce a unique high tech composite. 

Werzalit table tops have no crevices for food and drink to penetrate. Top and edges are formed as one seamless piece. It can be easily cleaned with any popular household cleanser. 


Designed to capture both the richness of wood grain and the dry feel of natural wood, Durawood is a thermoplastic composite profile with outstanding outdoor performance characteristics. 

Durawood is virtually maintenance free due to the fact that it has exceptional resistance to fading, moisture, insects, splintering, and other common outcomes from environmental stress that one observes with treated lumber or wood fiber composite products. It just needs occasional washing with soap and water to remove dirt and debris if desired. Do not leave empty glasses on Durawood surface under direct sunlight as this may cause sun damage to the surface.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile tops are beautiful and very easy to maintain. Available in a multitude of colors, porcelain tile tops are an ideal material for any outdoor space. Porcelain tiles are made from porcelain clays which is a denser, finer grained clay making them stronger once fired than non-porcelain ceramic tiles. Moreover, porcelain tiles have a low water absorption rate (less than 0.5%) making them very frost resistant.

Keep porcelain table tops free of dust with regular cleanings. Clean with a mild liquid soap, water, and a clean soft rag, followed by a clean water rinse to remove soap residue. For tougher stains such as dirt build-up, food, etc, use a ph-balanced cleaner made for use on porcelain. 

Natural Timber

They are hand finished and realistic, our composites are UV-stable, resistant to freezing and are protected by Nano-coat technology and make them look like natural wood without the care and weathering concerns to natural materials. Our tops are engineered composites and are constructed with a polyester resin substrate which gives them added durability and are finished with a marine grade gel coat that reduces stain and abrasion. 


About Recycled Plastics

Similar to the old wooden Adirondack chairs we remember relaxing on the dock with years ago, without the hassle of staining, sanding, and rotting. These lines of recycled plastic furniture are heavy enough to withstand the harshest winds, durable enough to withstand the coldest winters and are available in enough colors to fit into any yard or patio. Because they are made from recycled material not only are they ecofriendly but they are able to use UV inhibitors in the construction process to help prevent fading of the material.

In order to maintain recycled plastic line of products, we highly recommend the following to keep products looking clean and new: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, 303 Patio Furniture Cleaner, which is specifically designed to clean resin and plastic furniture,
303 Patio Furniture Protectant which is the world's most powerful UV screening product,
and Soapy water and sponge.

With 16 Colour options to choose from, you can never go wrong with Recycled Plastic Furniture in your home!


About Our Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas

Depending on the size of your space to cover both dining and living areas you have the option of 4 different sizes from 10' Square, 10' x 13' Rectangle, 11' Octagon and 13' Octagon you can have your space covered by all angles with the left to right tilting mechanism which goes up to 54 Degrees of shade.

The best part is your umbrella moves 360 Degrees in rotation which allows full shade coverage and has a peddle at the base to move the umbrella position with ease. When your having dinner and move over to relax you'll always be shaded with our umbrellas!

The pole is a powder coated aluminium frame with our solution dyed acrylic Sunbrella fabric, and you have the option to choose from a variety of fabric colours and frame finishes. 

Centre Pole Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrellas

Looking for an umbrella to shade you while being outdoors? Our aluminium umbrellas utilize stainless steel cables and patented auto tilt mechanisms perfect for your backyard oasis!

Additional to your space whether its a large or a small space we have the option of different sizes which include 7.5' Octagon, 9' Octagon, 11' Octagon and 8' x 11' Oval. This umbrella has a crank auto tilt system that rotates clockwise to engage tilt and has a steel cable lift that provides superior strength to the umbrella. 

The pole is a powder coated aluminium frame with our solution dyed acrylic Sunbrella fabric, and you have the option to choose from a variety of fabric colours and frame finishes. 

Centre Pole Manual Lift Fibreglass Umbrellas

If your looking for an umbrella that is used for more of a contract setting than a residential setting this umbrella works for that type of space!

This umbrella has a push pin system when you manually push up the pole and push a pin in the hole for it to stay up and steady. Worried its heavy to manually lift? This umbrella uses fibreglass ribs that bend and flex in the wind and is easy to do on your own which makes is stronger yet a lighter design! 

The pole is a powder coated aluminium frame with our solution dyed acrylic Sunbrella fabric, and you have the option to choose from a variety of fabric colours and frame finishes. 


Patio Furniture Covers

Even though the extremes of Canadian weather won’t affect your furniture, we still recommend patio furniture covers to make it as maintenance free as possible and to keep it looking the same as it did the day it was delivered. We carry a wide range of individual and set furniture covers.

Our covers are from Rhino-weave which is durable, breathable and water resistant. Will not crack, mold or peal like vinyl. The features with these covers is that they have a spring cinch lock to to secure protective cover into place for a snug fit. There is a convenient storage pouch sewn onto most covers. The covers may get dirty and all you have to is put the cover through the wash as they are machine washable.