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Luxe Furniture Company History.

Meet…. Luxe Furniture Company! We are sure many of you probably know how it all started a long time ago. But for those who don’t, here is the story.

When? In 1984! Started as Midwest Industries by Squarie family. In 1997 the company opened its doors to the public as an importer and distributor of wholesale accessories and changed the name to Wicker World Home + Patio. In 2002 – we began carrying patio furniture, shortly after that, another big update happened when the company started to sell fabric and leather indoor furniture. “Wicker World did not clearly illustrate what we did here. People always thought we only sold wicker furniture, and we clearly don’t just sell wicker furniture. At that time, we already started to sell branded, high-end indoor and outdoor furniture” - Phil Squarie, president. Luxe Furniture Company was “established” 1st of May in 2017.

Why Luxe? “My daughter’s name is Luxton.” – Phil Squarie - “Another reason behind that – we wanted to offer high end brands, and the most competitive prices, and offer a customer experience pinnacle to all our competitors, And Luxe… is a synonym for luxury.”

We grew up a lot in all these years. We’ve never changed our location. Since day one it was 120 McPhillips St. And it’s still the same. Started as a small store of patio and rattan furniture and baskets years ago, Luxe Furniture company today is 24,000 sq ft of showroom with many exclusive brands and styles. We are one of a kind in Canada with the lines and volume of indoor and outdoor furniture carried.

Here at Luxe, we love trends and good deals. That’s why we choose brands which are trendy, have great quality, and we can purchase direct from the manufacturer, this eliminates cost to our clients by taking out the middleman. Our Design Consultant and Buyer – Jenine Topping visits a lot of shows, locally and internationally to choose exclusive products which nobody else is selling in Winnipeg. We love to be ahead of the curve of what’s on trend....

What we love more than that – is our customers. And we are working hard to give them the best customer service experience. There is not much we won’t do to satisfy a customer.
To support our vision of customer service through experience we have a dedicated customer service manager, our own delivery truck and team, warranty department and even a service technician to service all the great brands we sell. We love when our customers happy with their purchase and the experience, and we love to make a connection with them! We treat our customers exactly how we want to be treated.

In 2018 we were nominated as one of the three family finalists for 2018 Manitoba family enterprise of the year award (FEYA). We are very proud of being a family company. And every team member working together with us is treated as such.