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Fabric Pilling

What Is Fabric Pilling?

Fabric pilling refers to the formation of small, loose strands or balls of fiber on a piece of fabric. You might notice these on pillows, rugs, and furniture around your home. It's a common occurrence and not a defect or fault from the manufacturer.

What Causes Fabric Pilling?

Fabric fibers can become loose and move around due to friction. When you sit or brush against the fabric, these fibers twist together into small balls. The friction from your laundry machine can also cause pilling, which is why you often see pills on towels, t-shirts, and sweaters after drying. Fabric pilling is normal and will decrease once the excess loose fibers are gone. It does not affect the fabric's durability or functionality and can be easily removed.

How to Treat Fabric Pilling.
  • Use a Pill Shaver: A battery-operated pill shaver is the quickest and easiest way to remove fabric pills.
  • Manual Removal: Use a pumice stone pill remover or pill comb to brush away the pills manually.
  • Pilling may reoccur a few times, but it will eventually stop once all the loose fibers have been removed. Simply shave off the pills as they appear to keep your fabric looking smooth and new.
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